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FloraContactInfo Email Flora The legal process can be the source of stress, trepidation and frustration for individuals and families. At Owolabi Law, we seek to ease your burden by providing you with an honest assessment of your situation. Our goal is to address your questions and concerns compassionately and give you information needed to make the best possible decisions for yourself, and your family.

Do you want to pay a small portion of what you owe and be free of the harassment and stress associated with collection calls, letters from creditors, or pending lawsuits? Do you want to get out of a second mortgage, or organize your assets without worrying about how you are going to make the next payment to a long list of creditors?   You may not believe that financial freedom is within reach, but we can promise you that it is.  Bankruptcy provides immediate relief from collection actions, foreclosures, wage garnishments,  and gives you the option to work with an experienced attorney to either eliminate the debts or develop or a plan to pay them off. Contact Owolabi Law for a free consultation before giving money to debt relief, loan modification, or foreclosure prevention agencies.  

There are many different types of immigration cases, petitions, and applications. Immigration procedures and regulations are subject to frequent changes. Effective representation by a highly skilled and dedicated Attorney can be invaluable to the success of any immigration issue. Owolabi Law will fight to protect your legal rights and obtain a favorable result for you and your family

Looking for an Indianapolis Family Law Attorney? Owolabi Law offers sound divorce advice and representation that can make the difficult and often emotional divorce process easier. Let us put our knowledge and legal experience to work for you. Even if you are in a contested divorce, we may be able to help you reduce stress and expense by using collaborative family law techniques. We handle all divorce-related issues. We also offer guidance regarding grounds for divorce and the filing of an original petition for divorce.

Disclaimer:  Owolabi Law is a debt relief agency. The information contained on this website is for discussion purposes only. Nothing on this website is intended to be legal advice or to create an attorney-client relationship.   For further information please call our office at (317-210-0342), or email us at flora@owolabilaw.com.